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2023 weddings
Starting at $995 Inquire Below

2022 Socials
Starting at  $695

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Bringing the Party

We know a lot of work goes into planning  a wedding and we want to be with you every step along the way. Whether it’s a small back yard party or a hotel ball room we can help make your day special,  We can provide you with relevant information and advice for just about any scenario. 

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Corporate Events

Customized For You

Your brand image is important. Grand openings, Customer Appreciation Days, Staff Parties, it can all be daunting. Together, we can create themes using lighting and sound to represent your brand. Trust our professionals to work with you to get the most out of your event.

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Photo Booth

Strike a Pose

A fun way to remember your night. We can provide an entertaining keep sake from your event. Take a pictures with your friends, family or customers  and our photo booth will make you a high  quality print of the image. Available with custom templates and backgrounds to personalize your event.



Stand Out

Make your event pop with uplighting. Typically used to Accentuate architectural elements. These lights can be used to highlight your head table, match the rest of the room to your colour choices, or brand an event in your company colours. We recommend consulting our staff to tailor make the look of your event.  

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